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Renting textbooks is now a far more popular option for college students. It allows students to rent textbooks for their university classes at a fraction of the ever increasing retail price. Some courses can require students to cover as much as $300 for textbooks and equipment for classes. Often after the student has invested this amount for the course, the publisher will release new, more expensive, edition and refuse to buyback the previous version.

But now with textbook rental from great sites like, students are guaranteed not to lose their investment. Book Renter Coupons are released typically every few weeks, and right before popular book purchasing times, like spring classes, summer school or the beginning of the fall semester. Our site strives to have the latest coupons with the best discounts right when they become available.

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Book Renter will also periodically renew old coupons, that is why you can sometimes find old dates, like “fall 2011″ in the coupon name, even though the coupon is still valid. We frequently check and remove bad, old codes from our site, so if you see the code here, it’s probably still good.

BookRenter is one of the original companies to launch the idea of renting textbooks online. However the market has become pretty crowded since then. If you Google “textbook rental” you’ll find quite a few companies competing for your business, including low prices on That’s why it’s smart to look around for coupons and promotions before you commit. With all the competition in the market now, text book rental companies work hard to catch the eye of college students. BookRenter has great costumer service, free shipping, a huge selection and great savings, it’s definitely worth checking out your course roster with them to see if they can offer the best prices. And with Book Renter Coupons, you might just end up saving a lot more than with their competitors.